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The mayyoun madness to crazy mehndi, serene qawwali night to romantic Barat, the desi weddings are truly long, but walima sums up everything. You did everything top-notch for other events and made sure everything was on point, so why not ramp your walima and leave behind the magical spark that you feel inside you? For this reason, we are shaping up this article that will help you ramp up your walima!

Pink & Gold Hues

If you want the décor to be edgy yet soft and lightened up sustanon 250 buy in australia online with a bit of glam, pink and gold hues will make everything look amazing. The golden lights will make everything glow, and the pink décor will show the natural beauty of the scenes. Even more, this arrangement will look equally terrific with the sunset since the golden lights look way more glowing, so get the wedding photographers ready!

Red Roses

Sure, one would think that red roses are only for Barat, but does it matter when you want to end your wedding on a romantic note? Well, nothing screams romance and love better than the red roses. Even more, the red floral arrangement will resonate with your wedding photography (it will be marvelous!). Ranging from the perfumed candles to aesthetic flower setting to flowers hanging like chandeliers, there is so much to do with the red rose arrangement and bridal photography will be top-notch.

Go Simple

We all have heard how less is more and how simplicity is the ultimate beauty. Well, if you want a chic yet simplistic walima, go for the white flower décor with warm lights and drapes. As the sun starts setting, the golden hour will make everything look like a fairytale. Also, who can forget about the dreamy bridal pics with the soft hues?

Add Flowers

If you don’t bombard flowers on your walima, you will not get a better chance (of course, you cannot forget the flower bouquets on anniversaries). In addition to adding flowers (and lots of them) to the décor, don’t forget to add some with your outfits. For instance, the bride can enter with a bouquet filled with soft-hued peonies and Grandiflora roses, how magical, right?

The Sparkly Entry

Well, who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle and glam? That’s to say because the walima entry should be and must be magical. You can either opt for the lit-up walkway on which you can walk over to the stage with slow music playing in the background or you can go with the moon set!