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It’s a given that wedding photography can be a lot of fun. As a photographer, you get to travel to different locations and capture your clients’ dream day on film! You also get to meet lots of new people and make lifelong friends. However, as great as this sounds, there are certain aspects of the business that aren’t as glamorous.

 For example, wedding photography is a business, and it can be very stressful and financially painful at times.

There’s one thing that most photographers will tell you: they wish they knew more about the business before starting out. They wish they had some sort of step-by-step guidebook to help them during their first few years. And that’s why we’ve written this post to provide you with ’11 Best Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners’.  

1. Understand the basic requirements

Many people assume that they need a huge DSLR camera in order to be a wedding photographer. While this might be the case in some instances, this is certainly not true for all situations. Many non-DSLR cameras are capable of taking high-quality pictures and videos. In fact, these cameras come with a number of features that can contribute to a successful video shoot. Most models have a 8x optical zoom lens, which allows you to get much closer footage than older models. You can also shoot in low-light settings thanks to their advanced sensors and noise reduction technology.

2. Understand your clients

Even if you’re working for yourself, you’ll eventually need to build relationships with clients. To do this effectively, you need to learn about their needs and what they expect from your services. While it’s very important to meet these needs, it’s also essential to understand why they exist in the first place. Is the couple moving out of the country after the wedding? Do they have a lot of friends and family that want to attend the ceremony? What kind of pictures do they need? These are just some of many questions that you should ask before agreeing on a package or price.  

3. Be aware of your expenses

A lot of photographers save up money before starting out in the business. There are numerous expenses that they don’t even consider while estimating their income. These expenses can include things like insurance, equipment maintenance, studio rental fees, and many more. It’s important to be realistic while saving money for the business. It’s also essential to create a budget that reflects all of your potential needs for wedding event photography. If you manage to save enough money, it will probably cover all your costs for several years until you get your first stable clients.

4. Wedding Traditions

If you’re working at a holiday or cultural event, you’ll need to understand the wedding traditions that the client will be expected to follow. Many couples from different cultures have different requirements for their wedding photography service. It’s essential to ask these questions before agreeing on a package price.

5. Latest Wedding Photography Trends

While the above four tips are important, they don’t really matter if you’re not familiar with the latest wedding photography trends. You can impress your clients by displaying your knowledge about the industry. This will not only make you more credible, but also help you subtly communicate your professionalism.

6. Be creative

If you’re a good photographer, your best asset would be your creative ability. Aspire to become an award-winning photographer who has accomplished much in the industry because of his creative skills. If you’re not as skilled as professionals, you might be able to improve your talents by reading books on photography and becoming the best at your craft.

7. Be patient

Nobody can predict what will happen in their business for the next months or even years. Weddings are unpredictable by nature, and there’s nothing that can guarantee they’ll happen on a specific date every year. Your photography abilities will expand and improve with time, but there’s no guarantee of this happening in the beginning.

8. Be a good listener

If you want to become a successful wedding photographer, you have to catch on quickly with your clients. In most cases, they’re going to be your main source of income in the business. As such, it’s best that you listen carefully to what they expect from your services and what exactly they want from your photos.  Unfortunately, many clients don’t know exactly what they want from their wedding photography service or how much money they can spare for a package price. However, it’s your responsibility to guide them properly.

9. Learn to shoot in manual mode

One of the most important techniques that a wedding photographer should learn is shooting in manual mode. This might sound simple, but it’s essential for capturing high-quality images and videos. In fact, even the best photographers recommend learning how to shoot weddings in manual because this will allow them to be more flexible and creative with their shots.

10. Don’t be afraid of using natural lighting

Many people think that natural lighting creates low-quality pictures and videos. In some cases, this might be true, but you can still create bright, beautiful photos with a little of skill and experience.

11. Create your own portfolio

Even if you’re not planning on starting out in wedding photography, it’s essential that you have a personal website. This will allow you to showcase your work to potential clients who are interested in hiring you for their upcoming events. You should also have a blog or personal website where you can share your photos, books, tutorials, and videos with the online world.


These Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners might sound like common sense, but they aren’t necessarily easy to understand and apply when you’re just starting out in this industry. Mastering these